Comments from some of the brave souls who survived previous Sitcom Rooms...

Lisbeth Finn-Arnold, Morganville, NJ
“The Sitcom Room was the ultimate summer camp for aspiring writers and/or TV geeks. It wasn’t cheap, but then, it wasn’t your typical seminar. There weren’t any stuffy meetings, awkward networking, or boring lectures. This was a hands-on event. The entire two-day event was like playtime, at least for me. And yet, I worked harder during those two days than I have worked in a very long time.”

Aaron Levitz, Los Angeles
“Ken delivers on all of his promises. You’ll be treated to practical advice backed up by hilarious stories. But that’s not what you’re paying for. Talk is cheap; opportunities are priceless. (Do you have what it takes to lock yourself in a room with complete strangers and produce something of any merit? To really collaborate? Where else are you going to find out?) This isn’t something you can capture in a book or DVD. You have to be there. You have to put in the hours. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll wish you were dead.”

Christina Ferguson, San Francisco
(2nd From Right In Her Sitcom Room Writing Team)
“A very fun, invigorating weekend. I found out I can write with people and actually enjoyed it. I might even prefer it, if I could write with the type of people I was writing with this weekend. But most of all, I have a better appreciation of what sitcom writers go through on a weekly basis to make the shows I love. It was well worth the money. I had a great time and I learned a lot about writing comedy and other people. I got exactly what I hoped I would, plus more! Anyone who was on the fence about signing up this time around, scrape up the money and go next time Ken holds the seminar. The networking contacts alone were worth the price of admission, not to mention hanging out with Ken Levine for a weekend, which was priceless.”

Richard Porter, Phoenix
“A fantastic weekend, and worth every penny I spent. And immense fun. My team completely rocked. Funny, smart, clever writers all, we were locked in a room for just under 15 hours and could have stayed 20. Thank you Ken, for a great and memorable weekend.”

David Bratton, Boston
“There’s no better way to learn about comedy writing than to experience what it’s really like, first hand. The Sitcom Room delivered. The Sitcom Room puts you inside a real writer’s room - with real people, real scripts, and real deadlines. Well worth the time and money. No amount of theory or book-reading can prepare you better than the real-world experience of writing comedy on a deadline. Hands down the best writing seminar I’ve ever attended.”

Isabel Gaddis, Seattle
“Thanks a million for creating such a great learning experience. I got tons out of it, and after a brief recovery period I’ve returned to my spec script with renewed vigor. Ever since that weekend it’s been so much easier to see the structure of an episode - I don’t know how you did that.”

Mark Bennett, Los Angeles
The Sitcom Room is a fun title, but to me it is much more than that. This workshop is essential for all creative facets of the industry. For actors, it will spotlight the fact that the writer elves didn’t just magically produce your script. If you’re a writer, it will diffuse the itch to judge one show from another as good or bad, as it takes the same amount of sweat to create something workable within that particular world. If you want to work in TV comedy, this is your seminar.”

Crystal Hubbard, Onsted, MI
“I readily recommend The Sitcom Room to anyone who prefers industry-relevant interaction over rote symposiums/books/DVDs or the like. Ken refuses to wind-bag his way through the weekend, and instead concentrates on making your time and money (read: tax deduction) well spent.”

Rick Whelan, Ontario, Canada
“The Sitcom Room was an incredible experience! It taught me a lot about the craft, but as all really good workshops do, it taught me even more about myself and how to get in touch with my inner comedic muse.”

Michael Brownlee, Chicago
“The Sitcom Room was a blast. There’s nothing like being trapped in a boardroom with four strangers, trying to hammer out a ten page scene, everyone talking over each other trying to get their jokes in the script, to make you really appreciate the solitude of writing a play or novel.”

Kelly McClymer, Orono, ME
“As a novelist, I'm accustomed to writing alone. I'd been nervous how it would work — would I speak up/be heard/be funny/be annoying/be banned from the room, etc? And, the big one — could I give up control of the final output?

"The biggest thing I learned was that it can be fun to write in a group — we pushed each other farther than any of us might have gone. At well after midnight, when we turned our scene in, we thought it was funny. But the true test would come when the actors performed our version the next day. The performance of our scene was nothing short of magical. Seeing jokes we'd written, lines we'd whittled away at, and some of the physical gags we'd put on the page…Most interesting were the times the actors made our lines sound even better than we thought they were.

"The attendees included several writers, a lawyer, a stand-up comic, a documentary writer and producer, a programmer, someone from Denmark and someone from Germany who is already writing and filming fabulous German short comedy. In other words, the only common denominators were talent and interest. I know my novel writing will benefit from this weekend, no matter what."

John C. Davies, Cincinnati
"The Sitcom Room was a fantastic experience! I was blown away by the knowledge imparted from Ken and his guests, and the lengths that Ken goes to make sure your experience is as real and valuable as possible. My 'writers room' was full of smart, funny, creative cohorts. I learned something from everyone.”

Cybele Knowles, Tucson
"$1500 is a lot of money. To afford the Sitcom Room I had to give up a lot of things: A certain parking permit that would have made my life a lot easier. Meat. Shoes. Tampons. It was worth it!

"I went to The Sitcom Room to experience what it's like to be a sitcom writer, and I got exactly what I wanted. We struggled together over every line. We pitched jokes to each other that fell flat. We wrote jokes together. We got punchy and vulgar. When we were done writing, we had no idea if what we had written was good or bad.

"I won't lie: There were times when I was nervous, despondent, insecure, and terrified. Only a real writing experience puts you through that many negative feelings. On the plus side, there was also megalomania, the thrill of a worthy challenge, some justifiable pride, and the euphoria that comes on the heels of inspiration.

"All the participants were funny and literate. Getting to know like-minded strangers in this weekend hotel crucible was really special, as they say. Ken was fantastic. He clearly had worked hard beforehand and worked hard all weekend to give us a valuable learning experience."

Tom Quigley, Rochester, NY
"Having spent good money on a number of workshops, classes and seminars over the years, I left some of them feeling they were a complete waste, or feeling that maybe I missed something that others seemed to get, or not feeling that I knew any more about developing my own skills and whatever talent I may have had than when I walked in.

"This is the first workshop I ever took part in where you not only had the opportunity to do an actual tangible rewrite of a script (and could see the results of your efforts performed in front of you by professional actors) — but had to discover how to (and if you could) do it in concert with a group of strangers under deadline.

"The various elements we all had to deal with and the creative tools we learned to employ would work well with a wide variety of different writing genres, whether it's a script, stage play or prose. More than anything else, the weekend was fun; fun meeting and working with the other 19 people in the group, fun giving my own creative abilities a needed workout, and fun being in L.A. when it was 27 degrees back in Rochester, NY."

Sue Burton, Marshfield, MA
"The Sitcom room was a fantastic experience. I began Saturday a bit skeptical and left beyond thrilled Sunday afternoon. What made this different? Doing vs. listening, for one thing. You can hear stories and experiences, but when you actually have to hammer out story beats and funny lines — you "get it" in your bones. I loved having the actors perform the before & after scenes and seeing each group's different takes. I had a blast even though we were seriously focused 90% of the time. I learned a lot which will help me with some current projects and, candidly, I would do it again. Worth every penny of the $1,500 and 3,000 miles for me personally. Great experience, great folks. I'd love to go again."

David Crosman, Seattle
"While I enjoy the theory behind things, I'm very big into application. As they say, you don't learn swimming by staying out of the pool. Practical application and experience are key to any sustained learning, and that's what we received at the Sitcom Room. The only competition I felt while attending was competition from myself. I didn't want to let my team down. Being under the tutelage of an Emmy winner, someone with years of practical experience in the field, is invaluable.

"I also enjoyed working with people who were not in complete synch with my particular comedy stylings. Overall, it was a great learning experience. For anyone who wants to write television, short films, features, and even Internet sketches, this workshop can provide valuable knowledge and experience."

Pat Gaffey, East Lyme, CT
“The Sitcom Room went far beyond my expectations. I can't imagine a more authentic experience for comedy writing in a group setting. Ken gave us an excellent orientation to the show, characters, network and studio, before turning us loose to work our magic.”

“In a writer's room complete with tub of Red Vines licorice, case of caffeinated sodas and cartons of take-out Chinese food to last us through the long night, all of it seemed realistic as hell. Our team was geographically and demographically diverse, five individuals fully committed to turning in a funny and quality script. The personalities were strong, the jokes were airworthy and occasionally cringeworthy, and the scene we wrote was something to be proud of.”

“Watching professional actors interpret our work was so instructive, especially getting to see and hear which lines got a laugh from the audience or fell flat. Ken did a great job sharing his insider's insights, reality checks and the full monty of Hollywood players, pressures, conflicts, critics, deadlines, scenarios and support.”

“I expect that several classmates from the workshop will break into the business of TV sitcoms. Even if I don't make a career in sitcoms, I'll apply lessons from Ken to my writing in all genres. For example, being true to your character is just as important in corporate communications when writing for a company executive as it is in TV when writing for a sitcom star. Or a children's puppet show. I had a terrific experience and I highly recommend Ken Levine?s Sitcom Room.”

Bob Hogan, Grand Blanc, MI
"The Sitcom Room is a whirlwind — an exhilarating, blurry whirlwind. It went by way too fast. When I got there, I was scared the other 19 attendees would be extremely talented — but it turns out they were only extraordinarily talented. Imagine my relief! I'll probably never see the four other people in my writing group again but by the time we were done writing together, I felt connected to them."

Brenna Hill, Arlington, VA
"My scripts have been features, I've done them all on my own, and I've not attempted to write comedies. So this was a chance for me to have a taste of what it's like to write for TV, collaborate with other writers, and see if I was at all funny. Ken has created a weekend that is informative, fun, and a great opportunity to connect with other writers. If you've attended screenwriting classes before, this is unlike those. Just last month, I went to the one of the 'big' screenwriting classes taught by a 'guru' in NYC (3 days in a room for 12 hours with 200 other people, with 15 minutes to take a bathroom break). The two 'classes' are so different it's not fair to compare but I will say that between the prices of both and travel/hotel, they actually ended up being almost the same cost. With the NYC class, I really only got the chance to 'connect' briefly with a few people who sat next to me — there was no time to network or even to have lunch together. Whereas Ken's Sitcom Room gave lots of opportunity to really connect with the other attendees (since there were only 20 attendees on purpose).

"The other big difference, Ken takes just a few hours in the beginning to talk at you — the rest of the time is you with your team actually writing (and boy, is that the FUN part) and then watching your scenes come alive with real actors. It was a great experience that I'm 100% glad I took the chance. My overall experience could be colored by the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed my team and thought we were hilarious and worked together extremely well. Oh, and what did I find out? I always knew that I loved TV and now I know that I'd love to write for it and I really enjoyed collaborating. The jury is still out on the funny part."

James Aylett, London, England
"Certainly if you want to write TV sitcoms (and not just in the U.S), this is well worth doing. It's hands-on, scary, and exhilarating, and if that's not the sort of thing you want to spend your money on, I probably don't want to know you ;-)."

Jim Stickford, Detroit
"We were divided into teams and when Ken visited each team, he answered our questions and responded to the vibe put out by our team. I have to believe each team develops its own vibe and requires a slightly different way to handle. Each group I spoke with said Ken was there for them.

"It was interesting to see actors read our words. The spin they put on them brought them to life and their line readings were often better that I imagined. Ken talked about how actors influence writers' voices and I saw that in action. Fascinating to see in real time.

"Considering what we got — a main lecture room, four side conference rooms, decent Chinese food hand delivered by Ken and Dan, plus lots of pop and chips, with actual lectures by real sitcom writers and our work performed by real actors, yeah, the money 'was all on the screen,' as they say."

Sylvie Rochon, Montreal, Canada
"Don't hesitate to attend the Sitcom Room, The experience of collaborating with seasoned showbiz folks and fellow writers will fuel your creative soul long after the workshop.

"Ken and Dan were very approachable as well as generous with valuable advice and insight. They never made me feel like an 'inkie newbie'. Ken and Dan are top-notch experienced professionals, passionate about the craft of writing but also interested in the attendees' experience.

"Simply put, the Sitcom Room goes beyond the 'rules' of television writing. You get hands-on experience working in a writers room with all the ups (yay, late night snacks!) and downs (wait, there's no payoff in this scene!) that come with cranking out your best material under a tight deadline.

"To top off your writerly weekend, you get to watch professional Hollywood actors bring your words to life. That moment sealed my fate. I realized that in spite of the heartaches and hurdles involved in writing, the journey is worth it.

"Uncertain about becoming a TV writer? Attending the Sitcom Room will confirm if the crazy but incredibly fulfilling ride is for you."

Gregor Barcal, Vienna, Austria
"Being a comedy writer from Austria, I was looking forward to the sitcom writing seminar but was a bit worried about the language barrier. Sure, I was confident that my English skills would be good enough to read all the name tags, even good enough to understand what Ken had to say about different forms of humor, but would my English skills be good enough to work within a writer's group, to argue about structure, to keep up with the tempo at which the punchlines would be thrown around in the writer's room?

"Fortunately there was another attendee from Europe, and I thought, 'If that Irish guy can keep up with that foreign language, then I should also do fine.' The hours spent in the writers room were exhausting, demanding and stressful. In short: It was the best two-day-seminar of my life. Ken Levine's Sitcom Room was absolutely worth the trip. And absolutely worth the price."

Tim Orr, Springfield (MO)
"I didn't know what to expect when I signed up. Despite being awake for nearly 24 hours writing with my team, I had the most fantastic time writing with people I hadn't ever met before. I appreciated the actors and writers who came in to talk and answer questions at the end of the seminar. Not only was it worth the price, but learning as much as I did from Ken to improve my sitcom scripts has been a learning experience I won't forget."

Barbie Ross, Houston
"I had taken a sitcom writing course in college, but it was nothing like this! The two-day workshop gave us all the opportunity to really experience what the writers' room is like... even down to the Chinese food, red vines and the late-night rewrite! Watching actors perform the lines we created allowed us to see what worked - and what didn't.

"Ken had a lot of great information from his years of writing and answered all of our questions. I still refer to the notes I took down that weekend. More than anything, this workshop was extremely motivating - I created the outline for my Modern Family spec script on the plane ride home from the workshop! I also started planning my move to Los Angeles, where I currently reside."

Rene Zandveld, Australia
"The weekend was terrific and well worth the time and money I spent traveling half way round the world to attend."

Shawn Rech, Cleveland, OH
“The Sitcom Room wasn't what I expected. It was far better.”

“The situation we were placed in was difficult. We were challenged to rewrite a flawed scene and make it work, and it really was a team effort. ”

“When it was over many of us were exhausted - and I know I'll be a better writer for it.”

“Seeing actors I recognized from TV perform our scene was a great experience.”

“I recommend this for anyone aspiring to write professionally.”

Amy Knapp, Wolfeboro Falls, NH
"$1500? Plus air fare, hotel and food! Unless you're living off interest, it feels like a lot. And with all the crooks in L.A. eager to take money from creatives, you're smart to be skeptical.

"Just do it. If you enter The Sitcom Room with an ear to listen and an appreciation for being guided by Emmy-award-winning talent, you have found a bargain. Even if I stop writing tomorrow, I will always be happy I took the chance to be a member of The Sitcom Room while it was available.

"In the months leading up to the weekend, I didn't feel nervous (in part because Ken & Dan send weekly emails as preparation) until I noticed my body was telling a different story altogether. Immediately after entering the room, I broke out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, it had no effect on my hearing and I learned so much about the television industry as it works today from professionals who are working today.

"For me, the weekend kept getting better and by the end, in addition to working in a writers room, it felt as though I'd been invited to a dinner party. The inside stories Ken shared were great!

"One of the things I wondered about was the other attendees. Would they be a bunch of crazy people with $1500+ on hand with no experience in writing and all the faith they should be famous writers? Unfounded concern. I worked with a bunch of great people with various degrees of experience (not that you need any) and hope to stay in touch with many from the weekend.

"Ken and Dan were warm and accessible and funny and smart (and a little bit sneaky).

"Be a part of The Sitcom Room."


Megan van Wolkenten, Norfolk, VA
"I loved the Sitcom Room! It was wonderful to work on our scene as part of a team all night and then be rewarded with laughs when the actors performed it the next morning. Reading about 16 hour days makes television writing seem terrifying, but getting the chance to live it makes you realize it's got to be the best job ever."

Stephen Thomas, Valencia, CA
"The Sitcom Room seminar by Ken Levine was by far — by FAR — the best time and money I've ever spent in the industry. Not a single wasted moment; from the lectures, to the introduction of the exercise, to the exercise itself, the entire seminar flowed with a well designed purpose.

"Although by Sunday evening I was propping my eyes open with scotch tape and toothpicks, I was crushed that it was ending — I wanted to go back into the room for another rewrite! Thanks to Ken, Dan O'Day, and the surprise guest speakers for an amazing weekend."


Katie Kosinski, Chicago
"The Sitcom Room worked for me because it is designed for people who really want to jump right in. Not a minute was wasted and everything we did had obvious value.

"Being surrounded by motivated writers, who are also funny, created the perfect group energy. I felt inspired and totally comfortable working with this group of strangers. Additionally, Ken and Dan honestly created a friendly and welcoming environment. I never felt like I didn't belong at the workshop despite my lack of professional or television writing experience. Rather than feeling discouraged by cold and exclusive industry people, I felt like I was with people who wanted to share and help.

"Ken connected with us as a creative-human, writer to writers. Throughout the weekend, I felt that the 'lectures' were seamless with our hands-on writing room work. On top of that, Ken's experience makes any conversation with him a great, personalized learning opportunity.

"I left this weekend feeling
1) sad, like I did when I left horse camp as a kid and
2) even more motivated to continue writing with a new pool of writer friends to call upon for feedback.

I learned that I don't have to be in a cave with the perfect cup of coffee (or Swiss Miss) to try to get a story right. I also learned that writing with a group of strangers for 10-12 hours is a satisfying way to spend a workday. Instant story feedback and ridiculous conversations – that works well for me.

"I was nervous before the workshop started but once I started talking to people, it just felt like I was talking to people who are like me. I also threw out a few thoughts in the writing room that got a laugh. I didn't expect much of that but of course it was an enjoyable surprise.

"I am so grateful that I was finally able to experience how the actor run-through contributes to and shapes the writing process. It was immensely helpful to see and hear what we had on our pages. Knowing that the read-through is a part of the process also allowed me to not obsess over having things perfect in the first draft.

"The panel discussion added to the sense of warmth that Ken and Dan established. Maybe it was because we were a room full of writers/storytellers that I felt so 'normal' and things made sense, but the (famous) surprise guests were completely accessible. They shared their experiences as creative professionals, rather than as people-on-the-inside talking to us-on-the-outside. That was a huge difference from other panels I've heard speak. They were amazingly generous and funny and created a great end to the workshop. I didn't want to leave.

"The total price I paid and my time invested in this weekend was definitely worth it. There wasn't a moment that I was concerned about how much the workshop cost – I was distracted by the experience, in a great way. I think the only question that came up (in my head and in conversations) was whether or not there would be bagels in the morning. But I got my own bagel. So, no worries there."

Lisa Rothstein, La Mesa, CA
"Is $1500 a lot of money for a life-changing experience? I guess it depends on how much you value your life. This was not a sit-in-the- classroom-and-listen-to-war-stories rehash of Ken's career, but a real chance to launch your own.

"Ken was easy to talk to and down to earth. As far as the other attendees, I'll admit that I went in afraid we'd all be trying to impress each other all weekend, but everyone entered in a spirit of collaboration.

"Seeing our scenes performed by actors was a blast and a real eye-opener (even on 2 hours' sleep), and it was instructive and fun to see what the other teams had done. Now I feel that when an opportunity comes my way I won't be a total virgin. I was so inspired I came up with an outline for a new spec on the way home and have already written a better scene than I could have before the weekend. All this plus junk food in our writers room. What's not to love?"


Brian Warrick, Dayton, NJ
“The Sitcom Room is clearly a labor of love, not just some thrown together money grab of a class. I probably shouldn't say this, but I would have paid more for this class. Actually, since I'm now an alumnus I can say it: You should charge more. I'm not aware of any other course that provides full immersion into the life of a TV Sitcom writer the way the Sitcom Room does. For me it was a great opportunity to learn first hand from an accomplished and passionate person in Ken Levine, as well as my fellow writers.”

Samantha Kiger, Chicago
"The Sitcom Room is the best education an aspiring sitcom writer can get — immersive, experiential, intense and led by one of the foremost successes in sitcom writing — Ken Levine. Throughout the weekend, I experienced every possible emotion. I left exhausted and exhilarated, and I'd do it all again if I could.

"The class of 20 was separated into 4 writing rooms. My writing group was named 'Group C' — which also happens to be the name of an infectious disease. Like the disease, my group inflicted a lot of pain on each other. We stepped on each other's toes, stomped on each other's pride and fought all night long — just to write a single scene. The next morning, we finally bonded as a team — in fear — as we watched professional actors perform our scene. It was thrilling to watch the scene reveal the mistakes and successes we had made throughout the night.

"I cannot imagine a better way to learn how to write sitcoms than this 'trial by fire' experience under the funny, accomplished and inspirational auspices of Ken Levine."


Chris Roquemore
Chris Roquemore, Montgomery, AL
"I truly loved the Sitcom Room experience. I’m one of those people who lurked for a couple of years, came close to hitting the ‘submit’ button last year to register but chickened out. This year I saved my money, typed out the registration, debated the pros and cons and then I actually did it.

"I’m not a workshop kind of guy. There is nothing more awful for me than sitting in a meeting room in a hotel listening to someone drone on about ‘how to do something.’ As Ken says about a script, “Don’t tell me it happened, show me it happening.” That’s what he and Dan O’Day do in the Sitcom Room.

"The delightful surprise from this experience was that you could take five different people from Wisconsin, California, Idaho, Texas and Alabama, put them in a room and they could all be funny. And that ‘funny’ could translate onto a page in script format.

"All through the process Ken and Dan were available to answer questions, offer insight and even laugh when they caught moments of a read-through or more importantly, not laugh when they heard a read through. Ken is very down to earth. You would think that someone with his credentials (let’s face it, the man has written for sitcoms that defined the genre and shaped a generation of TV writers, producers and most importantly television watchers) would be inaccessible and standoffish. I found him more open and genuinely willing to help and offer advice than I ever imagined.

"We turned in our draft 11 hours after we got it. It wasn’t great. We knew we needed to polish more and got that opportunity the next day after a performance by a group of terrific actors. But we knew how to make it great. And that’s what the Sitcom Room teaches you.

"For me, what I learned really began to sink in the next day. After a glorious night of 12 uninterrupted hours of sleep, I was being lazy and decided to watch some TV before flying home. I turned to an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond. What struck me was that in my mind's eye, I saw the script. I saw the punches, the callbacks, and the set-ups. It all began to make more sense. I was able to take what I had learned the past two days and immediately see it work on television.

"I still am in awe of the experience, the people I got to meet and the access to the knowledge that was imparted. I don’t think I can ever put a price tag on that. The Sitcom Room was one of the best experiences I have ever had. If you want to write sitcoms, then do everything you can to participate in the next one. I for one would do it again in a heartbeat.”


Steve McLean, Downington, PA
"I loved it. The Sitcom Room exceeded my expectations and was well worth the money and the time. Everything was very well organized. A lot of valuable advice and guidance mixed with working in teams made the weekend fly by.

"One of the biggest appeals for me was the limited number of attendees. It gave it an intimate atmosphere. When your team has done your rewrite, you’ll get the chance to hear professional actors perform your words. If you’ve never had that experience, it will be a real treat when you’re there."


J.B. Adams, Orlando
"If you're like me, you're always looking for new ways to challenge yourself and grow as a writer. You’re also probably intrigued with the idea of working with other writers to create something exceptional. The Sitcom Room is what you are looking for.

"Yes, there are other collaborative writing workshops that ask you to travel over three time zones and spend $1500 of your hard earned money, all so you can work with complete strangers.

"But the Sitcom Room is different from those other workshops in a number of ways. First, they provide free Chinese food. Second, the complete strangers that I worked with were quite talented. The third and most important difference is that The Sitcom Room is presented by Ken Levine and Dan O’Day. These guys are real pros with lifetimes of experience. You don’t just get to meet Ken — a man whose work I have admired for decades — you also get to work closely with him over the course of the weekend.

"I can't say enough about what I got out of my participation in The Sitcom Room. I laughed and made some new friends. I got pushed out of my comfort zone and wound up learning about teamwork, collaboration, and raising the standards for my own writing. I recommend it for any writer who wants to grow."


Matt Payne, Lewisville, TX
"The weekend was full of intimate, useful information and like minds. The act of working late into the night, together, to solve problems and, hopefully, create something entertaining was truly a joy. I was fortunate to get to know a few very cool people over the course of many hours and Red Vines, with whom I continue to stay in contact, and with whom I might even collaborate again someday.

"The folks running the joint know their stuff and have much insight to offer. (For example, Ken’s worked on some of the biggest shows of the past several decades — so many, in fact, that he and his writing partner penned two early Simpsons episodes, and never even mentioned it — now THAT’S accomplishment.)

"There was ample time to talk and ask and listen and learn. Ken and Dan and the rest were fully committed — it felt awfully labor-of-love-y, which is a very good thing."


Florian Schneider, Munich, Germany
“Thanks for a great and inspiring weekend! I think the best experience was to see our script played out by actors. Otherwise we probably wouldn´t believed anybody who tried to tell us that some of the jokes we thought are hilarious at around 2am in the morning didn´t work that well 8 hours later. Seeing it performed by real actors and feeling the audience reaction was more important than analyzing it. I learned a lot by seeing all the same (but different) scenes. Great ideas, great mistakes and a lot to learn!”

Gina Gold, Los Angeles
(Now on the writing staff of NURSE JACKIE)
"When I heard Ken Levine was teaching his Sitcom Room, I leaped over chairs at the chance to learn from someone I consider one of Hollywood's greatest comedy writers.

"Ken's class offered me a rare glimpse into his creative process, as well as invaluable guidance on how to tackle a scene. Most important, he made us create. On the spot. Under pressure. With a team of strangers. Just like the pros do it.

"He threw us into a room with an assignment then dropped in with notes and other challenges that meant writing, rewriting, and more rewriting. It was fun, frustrating, exhilarating, and infuriating — just like a real TV job. In the end, we saw our work performed by a group of talented actors, and got to find out whether our material landed or not — the ultimate test."


Steve Murray; Victoria, Australia
"To anyone who is still debating whether or not Ken's Sitcom Room is worth the investment, let me tell you that after years of pretending to be serious about writing for TV, my experience last year changed my attitude, approach and appreciation of the process completely.

"I have since devoted myself full-time to writing, based on what I learned during that wonderful weekend, and now know that a career as a television writer doesn't have to remain simply a dream.

"Live in a different state? I came from the other side of the world. Prefer to save up your hard earned cash for 'next time'? You’re only delaying your potential life changing experience by 12 months. And who knows what excuses you might have in another year's time?"